Monday, January 14, 2013

Barfing...tired all the time...can only mean ONE amazing thing.............

One Sunday night a couple weeks ago Tim mentioned in passing that he had a dream I was about 6 months pregnant and had a small cute little belly. I was shocked ...but brushed it off since i know over the past 7 years of being married we have never ONCE been pregnant on our own without doing IVF.
I (of course) couldn't get this dream out of my mind, so the next morning I took a pregnancy test (because...I always have several on hand) and it was POSITIVE!

Pure shock, excitement, fear and disbelief ran through my body! Before I even took the twins out of their rooms that morning I called a random dr office that could get me in THAT day ASAP to confirm that I was actually pregnant... On my own!?!?
After confirming it at the Dr office later that day I had still not told anyone!

I wrote on a note DREAMS DO COME TRUE!! And wrapped up the pregnancy test. When Tim got home from work that night at 930pm!!! (it was a loooong day of keeping this secret to myself!) I gave him the gift and note. With tears in his eyes he asked if this was a joke. (lol love my man) . It was an exciting moment and we knew in that moment we were blessed with a miracle.

Zane and Sky were created by science... (IVF fertility) Tim and i hardly had any part in creating them besides providing the egg (a womb) and it feels so odd to know that having sex actually works?? Who would've thought!? I feel so "human" and so natural! No doctor, no drugs, no injections...just sex. Every time I think about the fact that I'm PREGNANT I can't help but smile that WE made this baby. I am NOT broken... My body CAN do what it was made for... Make and carry a baby!!

I found out I was pregnant around 4 weeks prego. So it's been hard to keep this to myself and make sure Tim keeps his excited mouth shut!
Since I have an incompetent cervix I have to get a cerclage put in at 14 weeks pregnant (go to the hospital, they give you a spinal...and tie your cervix shut so you cant dilate). I had my cerclage put in on 1/7/13, last Monday . I'm sooo excited its in and I'm sewn shut!
I'm currently 15weeks pregnant with a healthy baby! I'm due 7/9/13 (the twins where born on 7/2 so well have a lot of July parties! )
I am working with the high risk group of doctors again PPA, the nice thing about being high risk is I get an ultrasound every 2 weeks! :) as long as my cervix doesn't start to shorten I do not have to go on best rest like I did with Zane & Skyler. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed, I can't imagine how that would work having my twins running around!

I literally can't hide my belly any longer!! We're so excited to be a family of 5! This baby truly is a blessing and I'm enjoying every day I'm pregnant! Im sick most of the time and haven't gained any weight cause I'm having a hard time keeping food down, but I honestly don't mind it! If I'm sick, my boobs and back hurt...then that means I'm still pregnant! :) so I'll take it!

I really wanted to have my family pictures taken while we are still a family of 4! Oh and not to mention before I get all huge and pregnant! I've always wanted to do an announcement picture it was great timing!

Huge thanks to Codi for taking such beautiful pictures of my family! She was so great! My kids where running all over and did not want their pictures taken... Even with all that she was still able to capture adorable moments! If you live in AZ I would recommend using her next time you need pictures done! Here is a little about Codi!

Hey Im Codi with Selah V. Photography! I'm so excited to get my business going here in Arizona!

I'm a mom of three kids- Jonah 8, Adia 5 and Selah 2. I started photography 9 years ago when I was determined to have the best photos possible of my kids. I found it to be such a creative outlet in the midst of my day to day life. It has given me a way to express the "me" side of myself and and I have a true passion for capturing the memories of a life that goes much too quickly. When I see a photo I took of my son playing in the Colorado fall leaves when he was 2, I remember his favorite shirt he always wanted to wear. I remember his favorite movie was The Incredible's. I remember his terrible two tantrums that made me think as a first time mom that something was wrong with my child because he was banging his head into the wall. I remember how small he was in my arms compared to his big lanky 9 year old body I am still determined to hold in my arms today. My 2 year old daughter's name is Selah Virginia. Selah is found in-between some of the Psalms in the Bible meaning to "pause and reflect" before continuing on in the reading. Selah plus her middle initial "V", when said together says "C'est la vie", the french meaning for "that's life". So I thought "what better name then Selah V. Photography"...a way to pause time so that when we see a photo of our family or our love ones we can reflect on that moment in our life.

Thank you for your support of Selah V Photography! Please like my FB page and to all those who reference Chic Headband at time of booking will receive 50.00 off your package!




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