Sunday, June 3, 2012

Yummy Cherries strawberries and cupcakes photo shoot!

I had the opportunity to work with two amazing women this past month and love how everything turned out!
I dont know about you but i love a photographer that uses props! I think it adds soo much to the pictures.

I did a MADE TO MATCH collaboration with Queeny Belle Frills who designed the most adorable chunky necklaces! She is an AZ local designer! Her stuff is so adorable and at a great price! Custom orders welcome! You can view and purchase a Queeny Belle Frills necklace Here
I designed custom Chic Headbands to match the necklaces and everything turned out super cute! I also make the Banners.
You can purchase and view all of my headbands, cuffs, clips and banners HERE 

We teamed up with the creative photographer Sweet Snapshots Photography and she captured some sooo stinkin cute pictures! Like i said...props props props! Not to mention the adorable little girl models she chose!

We did a Summer themed shoot with Cherries, watermelons, strawberries, yummy cupcakes and much much more!

Here is a little more about the photographer!

I’m Jacqui Schlink, owner of Sweet Snapshots Photography in Gilbert, AZ. I grew up in Mesa and went to ASU where I got a degree in Media Production... I am an actress, a photographer, a videographer and love anything adventurous, fun and creative! I recently became a mommy to a beautiful baby girl and I cannot believe how fast she is growing up already!
About my photography:
I try to be creative in each of my shoots. I am a planner, so I always think about what I'm going to do ahead of time, which doesn't always pan out when you have cute little kiddos involved :-)
I LOVE props!
I find that the best shots are the non posed shots that just show you interacting with eachother and acting natural... so I encourage goofing off at all my shoots :-) P.S. Even the crying kiddos are SO cute in pictures, as much as you don't like it at the moment!
I do seniors, headshots, couples, families, newborns, kiddos and weddings.... and am just starting wedding videography as well.
I am currently looking for senior reps to get their senior session for free and all they have to do is show their pictures to their friends... go to for info. Taking applications till June 10th, 2012

 Jacqui & her cute family!

Thank ya!