Monday, January 14, 2013

Barfing...tired all the time...can only mean ONE amazing thing.............

One Sunday night a couple weeks ago Tim mentioned in passing that he had a dream I was about 6 months pregnant and had a small cute little belly. I was shocked ...but brushed it off since i know over the past 7 years of being married we have never ONCE been pregnant on our own without doing IVF.
I (of course) couldn't get this dream out of my mind, so the next morning I took a pregnancy test (because...I always have several on hand) and it was POSITIVE!

Pure shock, excitement, fear and disbelief ran through my body! Before I even took the twins out of their rooms that morning I called a random dr office that could get me in THAT day ASAP to confirm that I was actually pregnant... On my own!?!?
After confirming it at the Dr office later that day I had still not told anyone!

I wrote on a note DREAMS DO COME TRUE!! And wrapped up the pregnancy test. When Tim got home from work that night at 930pm!!! (it was a loooong day of keeping this secret to myself!) I gave him the gift and note. With tears in his eyes he asked if this was a joke. (lol love my man) . It was an exciting moment and we knew in that moment we were blessed with a miracle.

Zane and Sky were created by science... (IVF fertility) Tim and i hardly had any part in creating them besides providing the egg (a womb) and it feels so odd to know that having sex actually works?? Who would've thought!? I feel so "human" and so natural! No doctor, no drugs, no injections...just sex. Every time I think about the fact that I'm PREGNANT I can't help but smile that WE made this baby. I am NOT broken... My body CAN do what it was made for... Make and carry a baby!!

I found out I was pregnant around 4 weeks prego. So it's been hard to keep this to myself and make sure Tim keeps his excited mouth shut!
Since I have an incompetent cervix I have to get a cerclage put in at 14 weeks pregnant (go to the hospital, they give you a spinal...and tie your cervix shut so you cant dilate). I had my cerclage put in on 1/7/13, last Monday . I'm sooo excited its in and I'm sewn shut!
I'm currently 15weeks pregnant with a healthy baby! I'm due 7/9/13 (the twins where born on 7/2 so well have a lot of July parties! )
I am working with the high risk group of doctors again PPA, the nice thing about being high risk is I get an ultrasound every 2 weeks! :) as long as my cervix doesn't start to shorten I do not have to go on best rest like I did with Zane & Skyler. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed, I can't imagine how that would work having my twins running around!

I literally can't hide my belly any longer!! We're so excited to be a family of 5! This baby truly is a blessing and I'm enjoying every day I'm pregnant! Im sick most of the time and haven't gained any weight cause I'm having a hard time keeping food down, but I honestly don't mind it! If I'm sick, my boobs and back hurt...then that means I'm still pregnant! :) so I'll take it!

I really wanted to have my family pictures taken while we are still a family of 4! Oh and not to mention before I get all huge and pregnant! I've always wanted to do an announcement picture it was great timing!

Huge thanks to Codi for taking such beautiful pictures of my family! She was so great! My kids where running all over and did not want their pictures taken... Even with all that she was still able to capture adorable moments! If you live in AZ I would recommend using her next time you need pictures done! Here is a little about Codi!

Hey Im Codi with Selah V. Photography! I'm so excited to get my business going here in Arizona!

I'm a mom of three kids- Jonah 8, Adia 5 and Selah 2. I started photography 9 years ago when I was determined to have the best photos possible of my kids. I found it to be such a creative outlet in the midst of my day to day life. It has given me a way to express the "me" side of myself and and I have a true passion for capturing the memories of a life that goes much too quickly. When I see a photo I took of my son playing in the Colorado fall leaves when he was 2, I remember his favorite shirt he always wanted to wear. I remember his favorite movie was The Incredible's. I remember his terrible two tantrums that made me think as a first time mom that something was wrong with my child because he was banging his head into the wall. I remember how small he was in my arms compared to his big lanky 9 year old body I am still determined to hold in my arms today. My 2 year old daughter's name is Selah Virginia. Selah is found in-between some of the Psalms in the Bible meaning to "pause and reflect" before continuing on in the reading. Selah plus her middle initial "V", when said together says "C'est la vie", the french meaning for "that's life". So I thought "what better name then Selah V. Photography"...a way to pause time so that when we see a photo of our family or our love ones we can reflect on that moment in our life.

Thank you for your support of Selah V Photography! Please like my FB page and to all those who reference Chic Headband at time of booking will receive 50.00 off your package!



Friday, August 3, 2012

Chic Headband is now in KIDZ HEAD2TOE boutqiue! ~GIVEAWAY~

Super excited to announce if you live near Long Beach, CA you can purchase your CHIC HEADBAND in person at KIDZ HEAD 2 TOE BOUTIQUE! This family owned boutique is made up with so much love and they truly do run this business as a family. Im excited to team up with them and have my CHIC HEADBANDS in their boutique! Fell free to check out their store to purchase toys, the hottest brands, and like new clothes and shoes...and of course hair accessories!

{Want to WIN a FREE Chic Headband???!! Continue reading! }

Here is a little about KH2T!
Kidz Head 2 Toe is a Children’s Resale Boutique located in Long Beach, California that is family owned and operated by a mother and daughters team. You will find baby equipment, toys, furniture and transports at this unique boutique in addition to gently used name brand fashions, shoes and accessories that are carefully selected for the environmentally conscious and savvy parent who not only appreciates quality clothing but also would like to save money. KH2T also carries hand crafted items such as boutique quality hair accessories stylish for children and adults.

You can find KH2T on Facebook here! Be sure to head on over and become a fan!

Kidz Head 2 Toe is a Children’s Resale Boutique is hosting a GIVEAWAY on their FACEBOOK page and you can win a FREE Chic Headband! The winner can choose ANY Chic Headband from my shop.

How to win a CHIC HEADBAND: 
Become a fan of KH2T on Facebook Leave a note on her page saying CHIC HEADBAND sent you.
Become a fan of CHIC HEADBAND on Facebook Leave a note on my page saying KH2T sent you!

Winner will be chosen at random.

Thanks for the love yall!


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Yummy Cherries strawberries and cupcakes photo shoot!

I had the opportunity to work with two amazing women this past month and love how everything turned out!
I dont know about you but i love a photographer that uses props! I think it adds soo much to the pictures.

I did a MADE TO MATCH collaboration with Queeny Belle Frills who designed the most adorable chunky necklaces! She is an AZ local designer! Her stuff is so adorable and at a great price! Custom orders welcome! You can view and purchase a Queeny Belle Frills necklace Here
I designed custom Chic Headbands to match the necklaces and everything turned out super cute! I also make the Banners.
You can purchase and view all of my headbands, cuffs, clips and banners HERE 

We teamed up with the creative photographer Sweet Snapshots Photography and she captured some sooo stinkin cute pictures! Like i said...props props props! Not to mention the adorable little girl models she chose!

We did a Summer themed shoot with Cherries, watermelons, strawberries, yummy cupcakes and much much more!

Here is a little more about the photographer!

I’m Jacqui Schlink, owner of Sweet Snapshots Photography in Gilbert, AZ. I grew up in Mesa and went to ASU where I got a degree in Media Production... I am an actress, a photographer, a videographer and love anything adventurous, fun and creative! I recently became a mommy to a beautiful baby girl and I cannot believe how fast she is growing up already!
About my photography:
I try to be creative in each of my shoots. I am a planner, so I always think about what I'm going to do ahead of time, which doesn't always pan out when you have cute little kiddos involved :-)
I LOVE props!
I find that the best shots are the non posed shots that just show you interacting with eachother and acting natural... so I encourage goofing off at all my shoots :-) P.S. Even the crying kiddos are SO cute in pictures, as much as you don't like it at the moment!
I do seniors, headshots, couples, families, newborns, kiddos and weddings.... and am just starting wedding videography as well.
I am currently looking for senior reps to get their senior session for free and all they have to do is show their pictures to their friends... go to for info. Taking applications till June 10th, 2012

 Jacqui & her cute family!

Thank ya! 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

~VERY JANE feature~

Who doesnt love a good deal!? When you see a big red sign that says "SALE" you run towards it and buy everything in at least black, white and gray?? lol...i sure do! (its a problem i have...not really working on resolving it any time soon!)
Ive hooked up with VERY JANE & they`re featuring my CHIC HEADBANDS!!
Ive NEVER sold my CHIC HEADBANDS this crazy cheap before!! For the next 48 hours you can purchase a CHIC HEADBAND for $7.75...45% OFF the original price!! 
you can choose from 12 different styles!! Whoot whoot!
Get in on this amazingly cheap deal....cause time is running out!!

You can view and purchase the deal here: VERY JANE FEATURE

Thank ya!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Getting to know EVE

Who is Eve...DeLoach? 
I am a half - fake - white- blonde ~ half - brunette- head girl...who loves her!
I love to workout, shop, spend time with my little family of 4, chillax at the pool and make CHIC HEADBANDS!
I am 25 years old... a stay at home mama of 2 year old boy/girl twins and owner of my other baby CHIC HEADBAND!  
Well let me just say...i am not married to an (although that would be cute!)...Im married to my lover Tim....well i call him Timmy. No, we`re not 13...but i did meet him at 13 so i think i have the right to call him whatever i want! :)

Keep an eye out on my blog ~ I will announce sales, new products, projects with photographers, collaborations, giveaways, auctions and much much more! 

Here is my story. 
(beware/caution...smiles, laughs and possible tears to come if you keep reading!!)
I am a totally honest, up front, funny...loves to make people laugh kinda gal!
I really do believe everything happens for a reason...even the crappy stuff...
My husband is my high school lover and best friend since we where 13 years old. We met at Manzanita Speedway in the ghetto of Phoenix Az...(i am allowed to say its ghetto since i grew up in Phx!) I was serving burgers and fries and he was racing cars with his family on the dirt track. I thought he was so stinkin hot and i wanted him the second i met him! We got married 3 months after high school graduation, at just barely 18 years old.

I grew up in a big family of 10, always wanted kids and always saw myself as a stay at home mama. So we started trying to get prego right away...long story short we couldnt get prego, after 5 longs years of trying to get pregnant the "normal" way...just having sex (which to us is just for fun...and doesnt make a baby in our book)...we turned to IVF. I was lucky enough to get pregnant with twins our first try! One boy named Titus...and one girl named Blake...(now this is where the "crappy" part of "Everything Happens For A Reason" comes into play) can read about what happened HERE  . 

Once i got over the shock of coming home from the hospital empty handed...and once again it was just Timmy and I alone in our home... I put on my big girl panties (in my G`s...hehe) & when i started my next period i found myself back at the IVF doctor and ready to do another IVF cycle...and this time TRY to get pregnant with twins...We where successful once again and after a HORRIBLY long (but totally worth it) 9 months of being on bed rest...the entire time...and getting HUGE..i mean HUGE... I delivered my son Zane TITUS & Skyler BLAKE at 36 weeks on 7/2/10

This brings me to how CHIC HEADBAND was created! (feeewww! I know some of you are finally saying!)

I was the least crafty person I knew until I had my daughter Skyler...She inspired me to make things...not to mention all the spare time I had being a stay at home mama & not working! I wanted to find a way to keep myself busy, earn some extra money and make something Skyler and I could both wear!

CHIC HEADBAND stands out among all of my competitors because my handmade flowers actually look like flowers! They`re not flat flowers, they stick out and actually give the flower a 3D look while attached to the headband. The best part is they tie behind your head- under your hair. They are made with soft fabric - so no more tight elastic and will not slip off! 
My Chic Headbands fit newborn-adult! With the fun Chic color choices Ive done you will definitely find one that is perfect for you! You will love them!

View a video on how to wear a CHIC HEADBAND

To view all of my accessories click HERE

Well....thats me... in a nut shell :)
Thanks for the love ya`ll!                                                                                                               

                                            If you dont own a CHIC HEADBAND....
                                                       this is what your missing!

Meet Timmy 
~ My hot hubby of almost 7 years! Whoot whoot! 


                                                            Meet my babies, Zane & Skyler.
                                                                           3 days old.

This is me! Happy 25th Birthday to me! 

Love ya~

Tuesday, May 22, 2012