Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Getting to know EVE

Who is Eve...DeLoach? 
I am a half - fake - white- blonde ~ half - brunette- head girl...who loves her!
I love to workout, shop, spend time with my little family of 4, chillax at the pool and make CHIC HEADBANDS!
I am 25 years old... a stay at home mama of 2 year old boy/girl twins and owner of my other baby CHIC HEADBAND!  
Well let me just say...i am not married to an (although that would be cute!)...Im married to my lover Tim....well i call him Timmy. No, we`re not 13...but i did meet him at 13 so i think i have the right to call him whatever i want! :)

Keep an eye out on my blog ~ I will announce sales, new products, projects with photographers, collaborations, giveaways, auctions and much much more! 

Here is my story. 
(beware/caution...smiles, laughs and possible tears to come if you keep reading!!)
I am a totally honest, up front, funny...loves to make people laugh kinda gal!
I really do believe everything happens for a reason...even the crappy stuff...
My husband is my high school lover and best friend since we where 13 years old. We met at Manzanita Speedway in the ghetto of Phoenix Az...(i am allowed to say its ghetto since i grew up in Phx!) I was serving burgers and fries and he was racing cars with his family on the dirt track. I thought he was so stinkin hot and i wanted him the second i met him! We got married 3 months after high school graduation, at just barely 18 years old.

I grew up in a big family of 10, always wanted kids and always saw myself as a stay at home mama. So we started trying to get prego right away...long story short we couldnt get prego, after 5 longs years of trying to get pregnant the "normal" way...just having sex (which to us is just for fun...and doesnt make a baby in our book)...we turned to IVF. I was lucky enough to get pregnant with twins our first try! One boy named Titus...and one girl named Blake...(now this is where the "crappy" part of "Everything Happens For A Reason" comes into play) can read about what happened HERE  . 

Once i got over the shock of coming home from the hospital empty handed...and once again it was just Timmy and I alone in our home... I put on my big girl panties (in my G`s...hehe) & when i started my next period i found myself back at the IVF doctor and ready to do another IVF cycle...and this time TRY to get pregnant with twins...We where successful once again and after a HORRIBLY long (but totally worth it) 9 months of being on bed rest...the entire time...and getting HUGE..i mean HUGE... I delivered my son Zane TITUS & Skyler BLAKE at 36 weeks on 7/2/10

This brings me to how CHIC HEADBAND was created! (feeewww! I know some of you are finally saying!)

I was the least crafty person I knew until I had my daughter Skyler...She inspired me to make things...not to mention all the spare time I had being a stay at home mama & not working! I wanted to find a way to keep myself busy, earn some extra money and make something Skyler and I could both wear!

CHIC HEADBAND stands out among all of my competitors because my handmade flowers actually look like flowers! They`re not flat flowers, they stick out and actually give the flower a 3D look while attached to the headband. The best part is they tie behind your head- under your hair. They are made with soft fabric - so no more tight elastic and will not slip off! 
My Chic Headbands fit newborn-adult! With the fun Chic color choices Ive done you will definitely find one that is perfect for you! You will love them!

View a video on how to wear a CHIC HEADBAND

To view all of my accessories click HERE

Well....thats me... in a nut shell :)
Thanks for the love ya`ll!                                                                                                               

                                            If you dont own a CHIC HEADBAND....
                                                       this is what your missing!

Meet Timmy 
~ My hot hubby of almost 7 years! Whoot whoot! 


                                                            Meet my babies, Zane & Skyler.
                                                                           3 days old.

This is me! Happy 25th Birthday to me! 

Love ya~


  1. I Didn't Think It Was Possible To Cry, Laugh, And Smile All At The Same Time. Your Blog Is So Amazing. I Know I can Speak For Everyone In The World When I Say That You Are a True Inspiration. You Have Had Quite The Journey And Have Still Managed To Always Keep A Smile On Your Face. I Truly Do Admire Your Strenth. Your Babies Are The Cutest Things That Have Ever Entered Earth. I Love Babysitting ;) Your Buisness Is So Amazing ! I Love All Of Your Work!!!!
    Emily Nava

  2. WOW!! What an amazing story you have! You are truly an inspiration to have lived through that and come out on top! Your babies are BEAUTIFUL!! My husband and I have struggled with infertility the past 7 years and I know that is hard but I couldn't even imagine having to go through what you went through! Seriously amazing! Thanks so much for sharing!